Virtus International is an investment management services company that enables ordinary investors to navigate the turbulent waters of the global financial markets with a view to growing and preserving wealth.

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Virtus International is on hand to bring clarity and understanding to the increasingly complex nature of global financial market investing, to reduce the burden of successfully (and profitably) maintaining your investments and to diligently explore the ways in which they can be made more effective.

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When you work with one of the Virtus International investment advisors, you also get a whole team of experienced financial experts who will support you. We work together and balance our individual strengths in order to provide our clients with unparalleled financial advice.

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Discretionary Management

This service is for those clients who wish to avail themselves of Virtus International’s full investment expertise. Clients formally delegate the everyday management of their investments to their Virtus International Portfolio Manager by way of a power of attorney arrangement. The service sees Virtus International take responsibility for the ongoing buy, sell and hold decisions made on the portfolio while being strictly governed by the restrictions placed on us by your personal risk tolerances. This means that we cannot invest in assets that fall outside the boundaries of your risk appetite. For example, if you are a low risk tolerant client, we can only trade in safe bonds or the stocks of highly-capitalized corporates.

Virtus International constructs the initial asset allocation of your portfolio and continues to make strategic adjustments on an ongoing basis. As markets change, your Virtus International portfolio manager varies the balance of holdings to take advantage of growth potential as when he or she sees fit.

Advisory Management

This service is popular with those of our clients who want to take their own investment decisions directly, but wish to take advantage of the same opportunities that Virtus International’s investment research teams provide to our Discretionary Management portfolio managers. Clients still deposit their capital with us and still receive the valuable investment insights from their Virtus International advisor but no trades can be executed without their prior consent.

Clients retain full control over the trades conducted on their portfolios.

Execution Service

Virtus International offers our clients an effective and timely securities trading service. Typically, this service is most appropriate for clients who need full control over their investments and don’t need investment advice. Our clients have access to equities on all the major global exchanges and many of the emerging market bourses too. We have a highly-knowledgeable and experienced trading desk which has negotiated extremely favorable trading commissions with all the main exchanges and we offer a 24 hour a day, 5 days a week service so clients can trade on any exchange in any part of the world at any time.

Furthermore, we provide real time trading data via an internet-based trading platform that clients can access 24/7. It provides details of trades executed and profit/loss information as well as charting tools and the real-time financial news that moves markets.

Estate Planning

An increasing number of Virtus International’s clients have personal circumstances that may make them vulnerable to tax liabilities which, left unchecked, could act as a drag on investment returns or, even worse still, eat into initial capital. Virtus International keeps a staff of independent tax planning specialists whose sole purview is to scrutinize the details of our client’s tax liabilities with the goal of reducing the tax liabilities that could potentially have a significant bearing on our clients’ assets and investments.

Directing your legacy and philanthropy
We can provide invaluable assistance to help you to plan your legacy by coordinating wealth transfer and philanthropy objectives. Virtus International can:

  • Create a plan to transfer assets to future generations of your progeny in a manner that promotes responsibility and stewardship of family wealth
  • Propose trusts to carry out your instructions
  • Devise strategies that address cash flow requirements and reduce estate and income taxes to a minimum
  • Create a plan for strategic charitable giving and provide assistance with implementation