Virtus International is an investment management services company that enables ordinary investors to navigate the turbulent waters of the global financial markets with a view to growing and preserving wealth.

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Virtus International is on hand to bring clarity and understanding to the increasingly complex nature of global financial market investing, to reduce the burden of successfully (and profitably) maintaining your investments and to diligently explore the ways in which they can be made more effective.

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When you work with one of the Virtus International investment advisors, you also get a whole team of experienced financial experts who will support you. We work together and balance our individual strengths in order to provide our clients with unparalleled financial advice.

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Virtus International is an investment management services company that enables ordinary investors to navigate the turbulent waters of the global financial markets with a view to growing and preserving wealth.

We provide a highly personalized service that is supported by a highly professional lineup of advisors, analysts and portfolio managers ensuring that everything we do revolves around what’s best for you.

At the very sore of our successful service is our truly holistic approach. We aim to understand your personal situation and your short and long-term objectives before we set about helping to secure your financial future.

Virtus International was established in Seoul in 2012 and, over the years, our focus grown beyond our local market to embrace several key locations throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Our capabilities are as broad and varied as the backgrounds of the esteemed clients we serve. We offer investment capability across multiple asset classes and provide value-added services including estate planning facilities

Our Vision

We aim to be the first choice in Asia when it comes to generating sustainable investment returns by focusing on what really matters to our clients . . . both as people and as investors.

We aim to consolidate our competitive position in the private client investment management business by continuing to build on our record of strong investment performance and our solid reputation for going the extra mile. In keeping with our desire to build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients, we aim to present a familiar, distinctive face to them regardless of which of our services they choose to avail themselves of.

Truly Personal Service
By presenting clients with a familiar face they have grown to know and trust, we seek to centralize our clients’’ interactions with Virtus International through no more than two points of contact. We are ever ready to “go the extra mile” in order to meet our clients’ needs.

Avoiding The Herd
Achievement of our goals demands that we avoid the herd mentality when formulating our strategies and building value into our clients’ portfolios. Put simply, we are not merely another investment or asset management company operating a revolving door or conveyor belt approach to investment. Our strategies are meticulously well-devised and implemented with unwavering conviction because we look beyond the latest headline; we know how to listen to what markets whisper despite the cacophony of the noise the majority focuses on.

Placing Clients First & Foremost

Your Virtus International advisor can interact with you by whichever method is most convenient, be that in person, by phone, or via secure video-call.

Understanding Your Financial Picture
The goal here is to help you clarify your aims and aspirations for your future financial wellbeing. Your advisor will help to define your tolerance for investment risk and ensure he or she fully understands any boundaries you wish respected in terms of permissible asset classes or ethical investments.

After this, we discuss our investment strategies with you in plain language and carefully explain the potential benefits and attendant risks associated with each one. This enables both parties – you and us – to make certain we are “on the same page”. Then and only then will we make recommendations.

Respectful of existing arrangements
Some of our clients come to Virtus International having previously developed a degree of investment sophistication, while many have precious little experience with financial markets. Regardless, we’ll ensure you fully understand what we have to offer, our recommendations and our reasons for making them. We will need to conduct an accurate assessment of your financial assets and subsequently establish a straightforward plan for simplifying and merging them into a fit-for-purpose, well devised investment program capable of achieving your financial objectives.

In summary we will:

  • Help define your attitude to investment risk
  • Avoid financial jargon and speak in plain language
  • Ensure you understand how our strategies fit in with your life
  • Conduct detailed evaluation of your current situation
  • Conduct detailed evaluation of your current situation